jose antonio y pilar bailarines

José Antonio Gómez and Pilar Ezquerra - Dancers

Professional Tango, Milonga and Vals dancers. They started their Dance-Tango studies back in 2006 in “La Galería del Tango”, where they have worked as main teachers until the end of the year 2016. Currently, they teach in Academia Foss regularly. 

Since their beginnings in the Dance-Tango, they have had the opportunity learn with maestros worldwide known like Rocío Rubio, Marta Famá, Gabriel Glagovsky, Coca and Osvaldo Cartery (world champions in tango ballroom in 2004). Andrés Molina and Gerónimo Dorkas, among others.

Nowadays, and so as to complete their training, they continue traveling regularly to Buenos Aires where they assist to lessons and seminars given by maestros and local schools. They also participate actively in the cultural, social and artistic environment of the Argentinean capital and world headquarters of Dance-Tango.

Likewise, the combine their teaching with short stays in other European countries (France, the Netherlands, Italy and Portugal), where they participate in tango international meetings as well as in stages with artists with great international repercussion like Noelia Hurtado, Carlitos Spinoza or Milena Plebs.

Their teaching activity at the schools includes subjects like, for instance, Argentinean Tango, milonga, vals, male and female dancing technique, seminaries of role reversal and thematic seminaries.

From 2015 they organize the event Tango-Club Zaragoza, a international tango marathon: a meeting point for dancers form all over the world wich takes place once a year.

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José Antonio Gómez

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