“Everyone have ever dreamed into tango beat"

A concert scheme that gathers a wide rank of styles and authors of all ages. From tangos as El Choclo, La Cumparsita, Tanguera, Redención, Volver or Libertango, including valses and milongas.

  • Suitable for all audiences
  • Length of time (Duration): 60 minutes

“Devoted to the Master with nostalgia” (Astor Piazzolla) 1921-2021

In the year that we commemorate a century from his birth, a tribute to the great tango master from the twentieth century. Through an assortment of some maestro pieces, we want to come alive again, some important times of his life, discovering the character, who lived to find out his own musical identity: Lo que vendrá, Prepárense, Milonga del Ángel, Adios Nonino, Chiqué etc.

  • Suitable for all audiences
  • Length of time (Duration): 60 minutes

Repertory for the milonga

Adapting the great Orquesta Tipica repertory, to a dance sesión with live music. Tango, valses and milongas, rightly fitted to our band and preserving the spirit and essence of the traditional milongas.

Music Workshop

Directed to musicians in their elementary, médium or advanced degree, who want either, beggin or improve in the thrilling tango universe. We will work with different styles of great historical orquestras (De Caro, Arienzo, Di Sarli, Troilo, Pugliese, Salgán ó Piazzolla) and also with some musical settings and current compositions.

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Dance Workshop

Would you like to beggin learning tango or improve your tango skills? Our dance couple, José Antonio and Pilar, will be very pleased to help you. With more than ten years of experience as teachers, you can contact them through: www.clasesdetangoenzaragoza.com

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